Salomon sporting equipment has always been a professional and high-end sporting trail, and the salomon speedcross 4 baratas series is one of the best represented in the field, with proven technology, outstanding performance and good reputation. Today introduced Speedcross 4 cross-country running shoes belong to the fourth generation of products, suitable for advanced cross-country runners, followed by Tellurian tell you the technical characteristics of this cross-country running shoes.

zapatillas salomon mujer outlet upper with high density woven mesh design, with a certain degree of permeability, do not have waterproof, but good wetting, easy to dry long distance after foot soaking. Toe up, a collision protection design to reduce the downhill, the unexpected impact on the steps. Quicklace quick lacing system is very easy to wear off shoes, shoelaces slender, rigid and flexible is very strong, do not worry about breaking. Shoulder pockets can prevent shoelaces from sticking in the wild and increase safety.

This is the true face of zapatillas salomon comprar, in addition to this red and black color in the excellent purchase there are other colors to choose from, are some pretty colors, compared to other brands of off-road shoes to look good many in the outdoor off-road is definitely attractive The presence.

In the shoes of the tongue marked zapatillas salomon hombre baratas words, this is the model of the shoes, literally, SPEED is the meaning of speed, fast; CROSS is crossed, crossed the meaning. This shows that the original design of shoes, is to quickly and safely through a variety of terrain sections and carefully crafted a pair of cross-country running shoes.

Salomon shoes midsole thickness is generally the forefoot 9mm rear palm 20mm design, this thickness should have increased the weight of the shoes, but zapatillas salomon outlet españa use of 3-density midsole design makes the shoe weight control lighter, 44 yards of shoes Weight is only 310 grams. At the same time, the upper low-density effective absorption impact, the middle and high density of the lower and high-density follow-up to provide better bearing capacity.